You and me

(being nice has its limits)


You and me

Goonish, prudish, I was withered on the vine
-you opened me slowly, and we had a good time
I tweezed out all my facial hair
-you took those estrogen pills
I recommended beer, domestic
-you dismissed it as swill
I worried about society
-and you’re an anarchist
I asked you please to feel my lump
-you said “it’s just a cyst.”

You showed me Tarantino
-I was shocked at his mouth
I asked you where’s your moral compass
-“always pointing south”
You took me to the pervert opera
-“assless leather is the bomb”
I sang the naked arias
-you got your freak on.

You and me, we got on famous
-my love was sacred, like the bible
Hosea and his wayward wife
-you played me like Delilah.

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