hoax music archives dug up!

Discover them again for the first time:

The legendary exploits of Spencerville Wayne, those pioneers of hoax music and cutting edge non-musicians who not five years ago were busy tearing apart the boundaries between art and metaphysics and then stapling them back together--cannot be summarized easily. Suffice it to say SW (as they like to be 'acronyzed') have had a 'big fake' on from the beginning. Unfortunately, due to web-hosting conflicts and threats of internet piracy, all traces of the band were lost to online audiences for the past two years; finally, however, they are back on the web: the Spencerville Wayne Archives. I have stuck a sidebar link to this group of famously demented liars, one of whom is actually my brother (whose newly inaugurated blog is in a sad and sorry state). Check out the band bio--yours truly was involved in the formation of SW and played a part in hoax music's seminal philosophical justification. And for a stirring lecture on the place of hoax music in the modern age, click here... NB some of the site's internal links don't work anymore; nonetheless what remains constitutes an impressive foray into a ludicrous musical underworld; as an archaeological finding, I venture to say--with no hyperbole whatsoever--that the SW Archives may one day surpass the Dead Sea Scrolls in theological portent and lasting cultural influence. Enjoy.

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