beat you up real bad

I gotta smack ya

gonna take you and dump you in the river

things could get ugly

it won't be pretty

gonna hafta mess up yer face

rearrange your features

get riled up

you got my buttons now

you been talkin poppycock far too long

imagine me. now, imagine me with a hammer.

clear out quick before I drain this place of fools

all roads lead to me flipping you inside out

I might hafta go half-bugs on ya

u dam dirty fool

you'd make an excellent piece o' dogmeat

my fists are set to tenderize

duck-and-cover won't save a sorry buffalo like you

revenge? best served cold, with a side order of humiliation

call me up when you're ready to get whipped

cuz it's ring-a-ding-ding for a jerko clown like you

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