hors d'oeuvres anyone?

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The sweetness of the season is the sweat. The beatniks bees're buzzing 'round the bush, the curdled applesauce is crueller for the kids, the rounded raisinfaced ex-magician returning for a greasy rumble, the rain/mud and stains of blood, the woken man hissing at a baby pram, it's well-deep and shallow shivers, leech lips and swollen livers.

It comes and I run, this wet-electric flash of light, a brilliant tunnel-staircase so Byzantine, an archetype, a twisted complex, like age-old best friends who never met; it drives the flesh home to the roosting spot, this twisted knot, binaural and seismic, a transparent secret guarded by a highly-emotional robot.

Golden honey combs her fair, a scalp refreshed with scent of pear; roses red adorn her hair, flower patterns everywhere. And laughter is light upon the air, her eyes? half-closed, but I just stare.

Helmet for bikes, pads for knees, guard your mouth and asking please, spit off a bridge and shake a hand; in between become a man. Pay your debts, monsieur (leave this earth with no regrets), puff at a cigarette, and build a shelf for your old cassettes.

Dry your hair and coat your face, touch your toes and bust the race. Please! Less chatter! More pelvic thrust; lean on a leg and kiss the dust; swivel your navel in a 45-arc, pick a spot to call your mark, lift one foot, keep your balance, do one-armed pushups like old Jack Palance.

It’s telescope and slippery rope, sight destroyed by lack of traction, boulder pushing dissatisfaction, in hell, oh well - maximize capital, plan for the worst, trust your rustproof instruments – a well-built dam will rarely burst. Climb your mind; inside is both slime and grime and pristine cleanly shine, all things great and grey inside you, the universe is there too - you are human, and you are you. You are a crowd, a crew, you contain the multitudes.

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