Croatia - not exactly Stockholm

Croatia is nowhere as good as Sweden. When one country has the likes of Gothenburg and that cool Swedish fashion sense (I haven't been into H&M yet but I plan on getting around to it this summer), and the other country has a language I find difficult to pronounce, there's simply no alternative to total Croat rejection. This may be tough on those feisty Zagreblians and Dubrovnikels, but someone's got to be arbiter of tourism around here and it may as well be me. First (and only) reason for dismissing all that is Croatia: 1) Sweden is way cooler. Sweden has the Nobel prize ceremonies, lots of enlightened social viewpoints,and a healthy ban on genetically modified agri products. Croatia, even if it does have these things (I'm sure it doesn't do Nobel, as for the other stuff - you can google it yourself), still doesn't have as many tall blonde people. Call me shallow but that's exactly how these decisions are made. Croatia is good at basketball, yes, and I'm told they have nifty beaches along the Dalmation coast, but really who needs to swim when I'm in Canada - we've got enough water to drown a moose!

Moral of story is: join the Scandi navy, or I'll get Scandi nasty.

Next up: Peru versus Sweden. (guess what: Peru doesn't stand a chance!)

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