Urban haiku

(I know I said I was done with poems, but here's just a tease)

1) Meaty!

A man eats grilled steak
digestion overtakes him
he collapses, snores.

2) Annoyance

Ancient buttocks sag
I'm trapped in crowds of seniors
please geezers - don't fart!

3) Despondance/despair

Umbrellas do break
cold rains will envelope you
hailstorms dent your skull.

4) Peevish

Pizza is often hot
except when nimrods eat it -
they forget to thaw.

5) Find your niche

Anatomy is hard
math, chemistry, physics too
I will vend hot dogs.

6) Baddass

I enjoy kung fu
the cool sound of snapped femurs
I'm super lethal.

7) Unapologetic

My aroma? Fab.
Showering is not my bag
Do not lend me soap.

8) Yabba dabba

Mother Goose is dead
assassinated by Shrek
who's next? Mickey Mouse.

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