Unlikely dilemma

Imagine yourself strapped in an electric chair, convicted of egregious body odour. The electric chair is covered in peanuts. Now pretend you are a hippopotamus, in the electric chair, and like an elephant you love peanuts. Unfortunately your hippo arms and legs are all tied up, and you can’t reach anything. This is supposed to be your last meal, but - not being an elephant - you have no prehensile snout with which to grab the morsels.

Do you -

a) beg the governor for stay of execution?

b) demand an elephantoplasty, ie a high-risk operation to become an elephant, not unlike a sex change?

c) thrash your 5-ton girth against the shackling irons and hope to break them?

d) fry like the greasy smelly hungry hippo you are?


(I was asked this very question in a job interview... the correct answer is c)

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