Jealous of your veal zeal

When I see someone like you, who loves to eat veal so much, I can't help but feel envy. You love that baby cow flesh, I see the delight on your face - it makes me want to buy a cattle ranch and set up a 'veal-enjoyment laboratory' so I can ascertain what makes you grin. You? Yes, you - how you light up whenever you eat a veal sandwich! You make a most wonderful face; your pelvis contorts and undulates every which way: unpredictable jerks of ecstasy that I construe as veal-derived and veal-dependent. How good can that sandwich be? Is it the growth hormones that produce the flavour? Is it better to go grain-fed or organic grazer? My curiousity is piqued; send a word of inquiry to your delicatessen, I want a piece of that joy for myself. And in the meantime - can I please have a wee bite of yo' bread?

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