lend me a clover

(title of post written by accident, so I figured I'd attempt to flesh it out... don't read if you can avoid it)

There's a dance tonight at the local barnyard, and I will be in attendance. I'm trying to devise a nifty new number to wear. It boiles down to this: clover-based decorations are said to be the in thing; somebody whose opinion I respect told me anyone who's anyone will be wearing a clover. Ergo I must have one. I want to shine like no other dancer so I have need of clovers. Three-leaf, four-leaf, I'll even take a two-leaf. Find it bursting forth in a meadow, find it growing out the cracks in the pavement, or pluck it from the teeth of a grazing heifer - whatever your means, please do shut your piehole and distribute the cloves in my direction! If I'm seen without a clover tonight I will die of mortification. Clovers shall signify my worth, for it is said they are markers of sophistication. Indeed if clovers are what it takes to win the hearts and minds of the people at this dance, why then call me the most clover-seeking man in the land.

So please, brother, can you spare me but one clover?

(as arbitrary as any other fashion?)

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