More urban haiku

(super-extra cynical)

1) Neat and tidy

Sidewalk cigarettes,
food wrappers and used condoms
- the sludge we walk through

2) Glitterati

Look - a billboard. Sweet!
I envy them, such happy

3) Seduced by air-conditioning

Don't park here, you'll pay
Leave the car five miles away
...I wish I could fly.

4) Viral pathology

My hair is spiky
my shoes are red Campers, I
fake-talk on my cell.

5) Educated philistine

Watch the game? We won!
The other squad was much worse
Join our team or die.

6) Rat race

My resume is fake
my debt is very real
I live right downtown

7) Sacred rituals

Coffee beans kick ass
they percolate dawn to dusk
sweet life elixir.

8) Tough love

I don't give handouts
I tough it out all the way
Get behind me, bum


Garbage strike? Oh boy
I'll have to do Muskoka
Heat waves make me puke

10) Means to an end

Who built this tower?
Ugly as sin, but so what
That's progress I guess.

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