So what's the deal with Tim Hortons? I know there couldn't BE any more donuts in that place, but the big T.H. is seriously like OD-ing on the D'oh! I mean, what's with them not taking Interac or Visa--hellooo... if I wanted to buy donuts in 19th-century Little House on the Prairie-Land, I'd build a time machine called the 'Old-Fashioned Donut Store Seeker' and fly with MJ Fox and Doc Brown searching for "ONE_POINT_TWENTY_ONE_GIGAWATTS" of stupidity. What is this, Back to the Timbit Future?? Is anybody home, McHortonsFly?? Sheesh, Timmytollah No-Brainee, get with the times, sweetness.

And another thing, my ass is sore--does anyone around here know where to find a decent butt massage?

And is my boy Brian Leetch the bom or what. He my boy. My boy gonna take us to the Cup. Shazak. Take that, Marian Hossa--you gonna be like that other bad guy, whatsisname, Saddam Hossa--you end up in the Hossa Hole; you gonna be cast out of the game, like in the Flood of Jeremiah! You get cast out of the Bible, Hossa! I spa-zeek the tra-zutth!!

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