Don’t lose it all, make backup copies. What if coffee spills on your keyboard, and the circuit board short circuits and you lose everything you ever created? A reminder of the fragility of the enterprise. But I keep myself teetering on the brink of accidental erasure.

Dream it up people. I have good news.

Hey hey, I can cry.

She’s a woman who needs to be with someone; Lena, a tall Swiss vision with a smile to kill over. She worships the man in her life, but is afraid she’ll be abandoned. So she checks under his bed for photos of other women, which makes no sense because who would put such photos there?

Andy Warhol and his factory? I show it to friends, they think it is weird.

A boy finds a yo-yo in the kitchen. Fascinated, he picks it up, dips it in the pot of tomato sauce cooling on the counter. Yo-yos and tomatoes don’t mix, he concludes after the first lick. Then he sees the string, the loop to put his finger through. He swings in a circular arc around his shoulder, a perfect three-foot radius. The sauce comes crashing down, clattering porcelain shards. Tonight there’ll be hell to pay.

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