Loveless Rita

(for those who know what it's like)


Loveless Rita

Loveless Rita, metre maid
power trips in single file
perches, swoops as time expires
pitiless tagging parking cars

Arrive at dash, five minutes late, the
coldblooded bitch doesn’t hesitate
what can you do, it’s all she wrote
all she left is a yellow note

Her methodical cop car, outta the blue
I rush inside to tell you, then
it’s acrobatic adrenaline haste to
outrace relentless Rita’s pace

Mocked, loathed, scorned, feared
sows resentment with her pen
the eight by ten notice clearly warns of
Rita’s wrath in rush hour

But we despise you Rita; you’re who we blame
(bottom of police food chain)
our every meeting is the same—it’s
20 more smackers, down the drain.

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