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Look at you, you’re shivering, and out in the snowstorm too. There’s not a bird in the sky, and you’re so feverish. Why don’t you let my daughter take your coat, and you go sit down. Jeannie--take his things to the closet; sir you need to take a seat. You’ve fallen down, dear me. Got a fright in you don’t you. Heaven knows what you catch in this weather. Jillian, girl next door, she’s a medical student, maybe she can look at you. No, don’t wanna see her? That’s alright then. We’ll just sit here and listen to my radio program. I do love that nice man who’s on in the afternoons. What’s his name again? Tom something—such a nice man. Now there, sip some of that hot tea if you’re cold; Lord knows the way it’s blowing, you catch a frost.

See now, I was never so good at talking to strangers. But there’s something about your manner, sir, and that silly coat you wear; must have bought that 40 years go didn’t you? Well a nice thick cut like that should keep you warm in winter at least.

Why don’t you just ask me for some help. I could lend a hand so easy--but people got such pride. Whatever you do, don't go out there alone, facing those folks who brush past.

And when we're dancing it almost feels the same. And it's just breaking my heart, cause she's not you.

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