Park Place, Too

to the tune of 'Grace, Too' by The Hip.


Park Place, Too

I said I'm fabulously rich/
cuz I just passed 'Go'/
I am the battleship/
call me Monopoly Joe/
with all my properties/
I am the king of the board/
you're totally broke/
if you land on Ventnor

I own the railroads/
States Avenue/
I got red hotels on Boardwalk/
and Park Place, too

The secret rules of the game/
are hard to enforce/
the acquisition of Baltic/
is just a matter of course/
but I can roll a 3/
land on Community Chest/
what does your Chance card show, dear?/
I won a beauty contest

I own the railroads/
Pacific Avenue/
I got red hotels on Boardwalk/
and Park Place, too-ooo

I sang this 'Parker Brothers' version of the beloved Hip classic in front of a live audience, with a full backing band, at a big house party, my friend Barth's place on Stuart St in Kingston. The date--Saturday October 16, 1999; it was my debut performance as a rock n roller, or as singer of any kind. Suffice it say 'Park Place Too' left the crowd stunned, uncomprehending; more or less 'with faces melted'. I quietly left via the back porch and went home. I haven't picked up a microphone since.

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Anonymous said...

I was there and it was amazing. I just saw the hip and could hear the monopoly lyrics in my head so I searched for it and the internet came through.