Ivy and the Eggs

Ivy Johnson was a tall, energetic filipino boy who collected kinder egg surprises. One day, he grew up, he grew facial hair (as well as hair in other places) and decided to become a dentist. His father cried and cried, mostly because Ivy was a huge disappointment, but also because Ivy’s father was an actor, who that day happened to be practicing a scene which required him to cry. A lot. Anyway it was Ivy’s mother whose opinion mattered more, since she was the one who had the key to the bookcase, where all the family’s dentistry books were locked up. When Ivy told his mom he wanted to stop collecting kinder eggs (he had collected 3,651 so far), Momma just shook her head and laughed. “How can you be a dentist, when you don’t have any teeth?” It was true, thought Ivy. Eating one Kinder egg every day had thoroughly rotted away everything in his mouth. Too much sugar was, in fact, a bitter truth, not a sweet one. Ivy, crushed by his mother’s response, went back to collecting kinder eggs, and never told anyone about his secret dreams ever again. The moral is: chocolate, though tasty, can often ruin a young man’s career.

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