Things that rhyme with hula hoop

Rule the goop and school in a paratroop, this is the joule scoop, the moolah stoop, like Ferris Bueller cooped up and fooling his groupies. See Sue Shoop and Buddy Dupe on the Shule loop? It's all Stoolie bloopers, gruel and sloop, and you, spooling drooping mules and rupee pools like Yuletide Betty Boop - ah yes sir, you are crueller than Tupac and full o' poop! You skew the group, you who outflew Zeus and snooped uncouth, slucking snails from a soup; you and Lula Duke - you'll whoop -de-doop and duel a RuPaul-impersonator, a cool ewe-loving koopa-troop, and who'll heap vituperatives then? As the French say, we, the fluffy ie nous, les fluffes!

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Could you help me with things that rhyme with optimus prime